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What is seal-IT?

Our bulk covers have many advantages. But one thing above all: They were developed by experts from practice, for practice. Therefore, they are:

• Easy to handle
• Sustainable and resource-saving
• Self-explanatory in their function • Saving space
• Can be used individually

How does seal-IT work?

How does seal-IT work?

Do you need help?

If you need help finding the right size, just contact our team. We look forward to helping you!

How do I find the right size?

Our seal-ITs are available in different sizes and designs. Thus they meet all individual requirements.

Our material accompanying card

seal-IT is equipped with an extra compartment for a material accompanying card. So you never lose track of things. You can find the download here:

How does the bulk cover work?

The handling of seal-IT? 
Just as easy as it looks.

Why seal-IT?

Easy to use

Foldable and stowed in a packaging for storage, completely maintenance-free and reusable


Available for every octabin (Gaylord containers, bins or boxes) variant and size, as well aslattice boxes


Up to three openings for suction pipes for multi-machine loading, diameter selectable between 30 mm and
80 mm


Grounded against static charge


Optionally equipped with exchangeable fleece to absorb moisture


Spots on the cover to accommodate sensors such as temperature probes, level indicators, moisture measurement can be chosen

What our customers say

“Alutrim Europe GmbH produces high-quality visible parts for the automotive interior sector. To ensure high quality, our raw material must be adequately protected against contamination. By using the seal-IT protective cover, we meet this requirement in the area of granulate provision. The covers from seal-IT help us minimize contamination from external sources and thereby guarantee high quality for our customers. "
Marcel Gaszczak (M.Eng.) - Head of Production Technology
Alutrim Europe GmbH
“We have been looking for an octabin cover for our raw materials for a long time. The fact that a functioning bulk material cover like the one from seal-IT is necessary and worth the price is shown by the material value of a full octabin. For us, that's around € 6,000. "

Michael Heitlindemann - Head of Injection Moulding
Heinze Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG
“We process raw materials for around € 60,000 every week and have found an optimal bulk material cover for this with the seal-IT octabin protection. Ever since we have been protecting our bulk goods with the seal-IT Cover, we have not had any failures or repairs to our hot runner moulds. "

Hartmut Schmitt - Head of the Injection Molding and Tool Making Department
ProMinent GmbH
“After initial skepticism, the seal-IT bulk goods cover convinced us. As part of the 'Zero Granulate Loss' initiative, the seal-IT bulk goods cover has contributed to a sustainable circular economy. With the help of the seal-IT cover, order and tidiness, as well as "good house keeping" in general, could be significantly increased. "

Stefan Grünhagel - Managing Director
3P - Precision Plastic Products GmbH

Publications and public relations

GKV Januar
Ausgabe 2021

"Schüttgutabdeckung bringt Kunststoffverarbeitern zahlreiche Vorteile"

VDWF Ausgabe Dez 2021

"seal-IT-Schutzabdeckungen bringen Ordnung und Sauberkeit in die Spritzerei"

Anwenderbericht Firma ProMinent
Chemie Technik
Ausg. 7-8, Aug. 21

"Wohldosiert in der Materialaufbereitung"

Unser Seal IT Flyer

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Wir produzieren in Deutschland und liefern weltweit!

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